Avec une performance optique en ultra-haute définition ainsi que le très grand champ de vision, la Wildlife XP 44 est un compagnon fiable et très pratique pour l'observation de la nature et toutes les activités de plein air. Un fonctionnement simple et pratique caractérisent cette jumelles. Vous ne voudrez plus jamais quitter vos jumelles!

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STEINER Ultra-HD-Optics

 The development emphasis of the current top models for observing nature and wildlife lies in excellent high-performance optics: thanks to a maximum of manufacturing precision and the use of high-quality high-end fluoride glass, an extraordinary colour fidelity, highest detail resolution right to the edge and an optimized, clear contrast are achieved. Besides the razor sharp images, the Wildlife XP will win over even the most demanding nature observers by a topclass light transmission throughout the entire visible spectrum and by offering a 3D brilliance that is reflected in sculptural images and an excellent depth of field. The Ultra-High-Definition-Optics are completed by an exceptional wide filed of view.

Our outstanding product features:

STEINER Ultra-HD-Optics
High-end fluoride glass. High-performance optics with brilliant colour fidelity and excellent detailed image sharpness
3 Dimensional brilliance
Impressive vivid images with fantastic natural colour reproduction.
STEINER Presicion-Setting
Simple to operate, with exciting results: STEINER Presicion-Setting — the individual dioptre settings for the right and left eyepieces allow you to perfectly adjust the binoculars to suit your personal visual acuity. Once this is set, you will be ready for any and all observation opportunities that come your way.
STEINER Fast-Close-Focus
Thanks to Fast-Close-Focus, time-consuming adjustments of the focusing wheel are a thing of the past. A brief spin with your finger is all that it takes to focus the Wildlife XP, revealing razor-sharp details of the wildlife you are observing with a close-focus range of 2 m. It simply does not get any faster or more comfortable than that.
STEINER Distance-Control-System
Fast reaction times are often of the essence for action-packed wildlife observations. Wildlife XP binoculars are ready to go before you even bring them to your eyes: Once the estimated observing distance is pre-set on the scale of the non-slip XL focusing wheel, no more than a little fine tuning is necessary. This feature gains you valuable time for your observations.
STEINER Nitrogen-Pressure-System
No fogging or condensation inside the binoculars
STEINER Nano-Protection®
Wildlife XP binoculars provide a dependably clear view at all times thanks to the extremely thin Nano-Protection® hydrophobic surface finishing. This dirt and waterrepellent lens coating protects against aggressive environmental conditions. Rain or snow run off immediately and disappear from the field of vision. Thanks to an eased cleaning there are no more tenacious stains on the lenses.
Ergonomic eyecups
Protect the eyes against side light and drafts
STEINER ClicLoc Strap Attachment
Securely fastens to a strap and releases in seconds
STEINER ComfortGrip
The special level of comfort is not only due to the technical settings, but also to the handling of the Wildlife XP. The sophisticated ergonomics of the ComfortGrip thumb rests with Technogel stand for a safe and fatigue-proof, long-term observation, even with one handed use. A perfect balance is guaranteed. Removable, individually adjustable rotating eyecups made of silicon protect against incidential light and wind draughts.

The STEINER Outdoor Standard:

Temperature resistant
Even temperature fluctuations of up to -40 °C to +80 °C will not adversely affect the functionality of STEINER binoculars.
NBR-Longlife Rubber Armouring
The especially durable NBR-Longlife rubber armoring protects the binoculars from jolts and is resistant to oil, acid or adverse weather. The surface always stays easy to grip and won’t slip, even when subjected to extreme wetness, heat or cold.
Extreme Ruggedness
As with all STEINER binoculars, the Wildlife XP models also offer legendary durability. The lightweight die cast magnesium alloy housing is corrosion-free and shock proof. Our comfortable NBR-Longlife rubber armouring withstands the effects of oil, acid or other climatic influences. Even in extremely wet conditions, heat or cold the surface stays grasp and slip proof. In addition the binoculars are nitrogenpressure filled via a two-way-valve-system that prevents from fogging up and from formating condensation inside the binocular.
Water pressure proof up to 5 m
The special sealing technology makes it possible for binoculars in the STEINER Wildlife XP 8/10x44 series to withstand water pressure up to 5 metres! No dust, no dirt and no moisture can penetrate the interior. This technology protects your binoculars from the elements.
Ergonomic design
Lies perfectly in your hand and the good gripping characteristics of the contact ribs offer sure handling.
Field-tested Accessory Set
Each Wildlife XP is equipped with soft neoprene carrying strap, whose incorporated loops permit an easy use of a body harness that is offered separately. By the thought-out ClicLoc strap attachment the strap can be fastened and released in seconds. A soft rain protection cap made of NBR rubber makes it noiseless and objective covers and a high end bag makes the accessory set perfect.
  • Prisme Toit
  • Lentilles Fluorid ultra HD
  • Grossissement 10x
  • Diamètre sortie 44mm
  • Etanchéité 5m
  • Yes, 2 way valves
  • Nano Protection Yes
  • T° supportée -40° / +80°
  • Champ m/1000m 133m
  • Mise au point mini (m) 2m
  • Pupille de sortie 4.4mm
  • Luminosité 19.40
  • Crépusculaire 21
  • Poids 850g
  • Compas No
  • Réticule No
  • Garantie 30 years
  • Commentaire One of the best bino over the world. Best value for money.